Monday, May 11, 2009

Diabetes Sucks

Diabetes Sucks. That is a very strong statement. Two short words, but generally those that say it have years of struggle behind it.

Lately I've encountered many fellow diabetics that have used this phrase (and some much stronger verbiage). If you know me, or have been around this blog for awhile, you know my approach. In a nutshell, 20+ years of intense high and low blood sugars - mostly high on average. Diabetes affects everything and everyone it touches (including family, friends, and loved ones), so it's been a long road for all of us.

I've been thinking about the phrase for awhile, here are some thoughts to consider:

Diabetes sucks?
Compared to what...those without it?
Do you know anyone in the grips of cancer? Parkinson's? Bi-polar disorder? AIDS? Poverty? Unforgiveness?

Diabetes sucks?
Even if that's true to you, does complaining make it any better?

Diabetes sucks?
That's a bad way to approach a disease that does not inhibit it's recipients like other debilitating diseases do. What hindrances must we face? The fear of future complications? Why would we waste time worrying about what may or may not transpire in the future? We need to do all we can do today, and tomorrow will be here soon enough.

I don't consider myself any better than anyone else. I'm not smarter, more wise, or more mature. That being said, I really don't think 'diabetes sucks.'

I think it's obvious that diabetes can be a struggle, but so can anything else. Life can be hard, and often is. But that doesn't mean we should all sit around and complain about it, because that's not going to benefit anyone.

I'm not suggesting we ought to be disingenuous or insincere, pretending everything is o.k. when it's really not. What I am saying is that we get one chance to make a difference, one chance to give it our all, so rather than focus on how hard our plight is, I think we should be grateful for the medical advances that allow us to live full, long, healthy lives. Remember, it wasn't all that long ago that type-1 diabetes was a death sentence, a time when there was no insulin to take; no pumps, no blood sugar meters, no shots - nothing.

In reality, we are living in the best time ever as diabetics. We are on the cusp of a cure, and living with diabetes has never been easier.

Diabetes sucks?

Not to me.

Until next time, I'll be pumpin...

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beckybj said...

You're always so positive. It's very encouraging and I am sure it encourages many. Keep up the good work!