Monday, September 27, 2010

Animas Ping

The Ping is an incredible pump. It has some features that the other pumps do not have. Here are some of the features that I particularly admire about the Ping:

The color screen. It's just cool, and feels more 'current' than anything else out there. The Gen-X/Y'ers will appreciate it as fitting in with the rest of our electronic gadgetry. The Medtronic screen does light up, but it's a back-light.

Mac compatibility. The Animas software supports Mac & PC. The software is a really important tool for seeing what's going on, it's much easier to spot trends and adjust accordingly. Downloading your pump info is easy (no matter which pump you use), and vital to managing your diabetes most effectively. There are a lot of "mac people" (like me) out there who can't understand why, in the 4th quarter of 2010, Medtronic still doesn't support mac compatibility with the care link software.

Insulin delivery rate. The Ping delivers insulin fast and effectively. Generally not an issue, just a convenience.

In all, the Ping just feels much more current and forward than its competitors. I admire the design and user-friendliness of its features.

I feel sure there are numerous other offerings that make the Ping the right pump for so many users. For me, even considering all of the aforementioned factors, I chose the Medtronic. It is a decision I do not regret.

However, when making the switch from shots to the insulin pump, there is no bad decision. That's my point here. Although the two companies may be in competition for our business, WE cannot lose here. For some people, the Ping is perfect - for others, it's the Revel, and others yet the Omnipod. Either way, it's the pump, and that is what really matters the most.

Do your family, your friends, yourself and most importantly your health a big favor - make the switch to the pump today!

Keep pumpin'...


Lacy Piippo said...

Why did you still choose the minimed? Making the decision for my 4, year old right now.

Anonymous said...

I have used the one touch ping for over a year now. I hate it!
You have to push and acknowledge everything several times to do what you want it to do. It takes so long to change the cartridge, the priming etc takes way too long. The worse part is the battery. The pump will go off for days telling you its low at only 1/2 battery level and then you have to prime/rewind just to change it!!! Ridiculous!! The so called glucose monitor system is a waste of money. it is so big and awkward, I just stopped useing it and bought some mini glucose testers. The way this pump is programmed is really awful!! I am sorry I purchased this pump!

Anonymous said...

I started using the Ping in July 2012 after using a Mini Med for 15 years. This move was a big mistake. I just wanted a change for something different, but good. It was definitely different, but not good. There are so many things I could mention, here are a few; not primed alarm when priming is not needed, battery replacement alarm when battery is still half full, after replacing battery u must rewind, load cartridge and prime when none of that is necessary. I had to get a new pump sent to me because after there was an Occlusion alarm and a No Delivery alarm, I had to rewind, only this time the pump would not rewind and another alarm popped up that told me to replace the battery and that there was no delivery. I wasn't trying to deliver!!! I was trying to rewind. After 30 minutes on the phone with Animas they determined I needed a new pump; No shit, Really??
I've had this pump for only six months and I hate it!! I which I had my Mini Med Paradigm back!!!

Anonymous said...

I dislike my Ping pump in three years, I am on my third replacement pump, priming errors and the battery warnings and to get to the main screen way too many buttons. My son has a Medtronic and he loves it. One more year with this and I will be switching. Also ANimas customer service is rude, treat you like an idiots and do. To stand behind the products. I have had numerous high bs due to crimped infusion sets and they continue to try and blame me for user error...not the case. It is an inferior product.