Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yes, I know there's no "e" in it, but that's how it's spoken. I'm not crazy about the name, so I've decided to change it. Is it that simple? Yes my friends, it is.

I refuse to be associated with a chronic disease that has the inference of death. No thanks.

If live-abetes doesn't flow well for you, may I suggest, "Thrive-abetes."

When we manage well, and put our best foot forward - giving our all, we will thrive. Sure our readings may go haywire sometimes, but that doesn't mean we aren't thriving in spite of it.

So whatever you prefer, Live-abetes or thrive-abetes - let's live well and thrive together.

Keep pumpin'....


Jill said...

Live-abetes. How perfect.
I think it has a great ring to it.
Like Up syndrome.

keely said...

What a terrific post. Made me smile. I will always think of you as having live-abetes since you have never let it slow you down!