Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy 2nd Pump-aversary! (2 year insulin pump review)

Happy Pump-aversary!!

I would've celebrated with (2) small Dairy Queen Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzards (yes, 2), but I had forgotten today was the day until after DQ closed. I suppose there's always the '2-year, 1 day' anniversary...

It completely slipped my mind until I got an incredible message from a new friend in Canada, more about that later.

So 2 years ago today I made the switch, I took the plunge, I changed course, get the point!!

I was so apprehensive. Very scared. The thought of the added supplies, the changing of the infusion sets every few days, and the tubing....oh....the awful tubing! But I had just reached a point of willingness to try. I was relatively sure it would be a short-lived experiment, but I reasoned, 'if I give it a try I can finally get all those people who harp at me (a.k.a. LOVE ME) off my back.'

You know, people like my wife, my mom and dad, my sisters, my closest friends...people that...don't know me that well?? Apparently that was my though process (crazy in retrospect). Anyway, I gave it a whirl for them, and to combat the erratic blood sugars, constant 'chasing' of highs and lows, crummy, low-energy feelings, and possible onset of complications.

Now, let me break it down here. There have been some monumental events in my life that have shaped me (no, it's not the dairy queen blizzard's I'm referring to here!!).
-I am a Christian, and my relationship with Jesus has been entirely faithful on His end, spotty on mine. Yet it's that relationship and grace that have given me eternal security.
-My marriage is the 2nd most important relationship in the world to me (after the Lord), and I am blessed here as well.
-Every parent knows the birth of your child(ren) is pivotal, as it was for me. Especially our youngest son Nate, who has Down syndrome (read more about him here on my wife's blog).
-The pump.

Yes, you read that right. The Lord, the family, the pump.

And here's something else for you: EVERY relationship is affected by the pump, because when my levels are balanced I am more effective in every context. The pump is that life-changing.

So after 2 years, here's my review:

The insulin pump is the next best thing to the cure. It is so convenient to operate, easy to hide (if you so desire), and masterful at balancing your blood sugars that I firmly believe EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD that has diabetes should be on it!

Again, look back on this blog. Read my story. I was dead-set against it. I would say, "I'll take 20 shots a day over the pump." Total ignorance.

Do you enjoy shots? I mean, really? For that reason alone, make the switch! But again, it's not about how it looks, whether or not the screen is color, or how easily you can hide it. It's about your quality of life - how you feel.

I have never met a person who has said, "I want to be the worst me I can be." Of course that's lunacy. Who would say, "I want to be a less effective parent?" or "I like my moodiness and short-temper!" The pump WILL help you in all those areas and more. If the pump changed my life, I know it can change yours.

Let me be clear, you will have to learn to use it. It does require you to interact with it. Just like all diabetes management, education is key. But the tools are there for you. Take them, use them, and FEEL BETTER. It's time, NOW, today - no more excuses, no more delays. Do it for your family. Do it for your co-workers. Do it for your friends. Do it for your health.

Here are some of the people I did it for:

Back to the message from Canada. I was so encouraged earlier tonight to receive this e-mail. In part, it reads,

"...You don't know me, but my name is xxxxxxx and I live in Ontario Canada.
I started reading your blog about a year ago and it made me start really thinking about the pump. I had ridiculous A1c's and it was a constant roller coaster. Could never get any semblance of control and always felt like crap (there are other words I should use to describe how I felt).

It has been about 6 months since I started and all I can say is thanks for the blog and the encouragement. We just traveled to Europe for 2 weeks to Norway and Italy and having the pump made the vacation a million times better.
So in closing, I see today was your 2 year anniversary mark and I wanted to say thanks for your posts!

Have a great night and can't wait for the next post...."

That's why ipump is here. That is the vision - to encourage people affected by diabetes all over the world to make the switch to the pump. My story could be yours, or it could be the one listed above.

I want to pause here for a moment and thank those that have patiently waited for me to make this switch - you know who you are. Also, to the many people who either purposely or accidentally stumble across this blog, I am so grateful to you. Your comments and feedback, both publicly and privately are instrumental to this forum.

I love you all!

2 year review insulin pump grade: A+

My friends, until next time either get, or keep pumpin....


beckybj said...

Happy Pump-aversary! Wow two years already...congratulations!

Keely said...

Hey bro congratulations! What a great decision you made :-) Ah, but of course!

Merrie Jo Armour said...

I know it is after your 2 year pump anniversary, but your information is very helpful. I have been diabetic for 29yrs. and am looking into getting an insulin pump and trying to research them all. So far it seems my best bet is going to be the Revel by Medtronic. Thank you again for all your helpful information.

emma99 said...

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