Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Songwriting and Diabetes

I am just returning home from a great songwriting conference in L.A. My songwriting coach was a panel speaker, and she insisted I attend. Being from the Midwest I wasn’t so sure, as the flights are usually pretty expensive. Additionally, my wife Jill was in Colorado last weekend for a National Day of Prayer conference (she’s our state coordinator), so it’s a LOT of being gone for us.

But I DID in fact go (my coach covering the flights was the clincher!). One of the things that strikes me about songwriting is the similarity between it and diabetes.

Let me tell you how they correlate:

To be a great, hit songwriter one needs to work at it tirelessly. You cannot and do not get it the first time around. Songs are inspired, sure - but then they need to be worked on, crafted, and revised. Everything that goes in to that song is put under a microscope and examined carefully.

To be in great health, we need to work at it tirelessly. We do not achieve great control by chance. We need to educate ourselves, and balance our regimen. We need to exercise, eat right, test often, and examine the results carefully then adjust accordingly.

Now, I have been a songwriter for quite some time now, and have enjoyed placements with artists and publishing deals alike. That was not by happenstance, it took years of effort.

I have had diabetes for years, and until fairly recently (see counter to the right, “how long I’ve been pumpin’”) I was generally unsuccessful. I firmly believe that getting on the pump, no matter HOW GOOD YOUR CONTROL IS, will improve your quality of life. Maybe your A1c is already great, but there likely are a lot of lows in there. The pump will help. The pump will make you feel better, I absolutely guarantee it!

Now if only there was a ‘pump’ for songwriting......


Until next time, keep pumpin’....

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shannon said...

I enjoyed the comparison between both, thanks for sharing!