Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm not diabetic

I'm not diabetic on any level.

I am a happy, healthy young man who is humbled by vibrant relationships with a merciful Savior, loving family, and inspiring friends.

My Mac dictionary defines diabetic as: "A person suffering from diabetes."

I am not suffering. Admittedly at times I am struggling, but I am not suffering

I do have diabetes, but I'm not diabetic.

I am more than a chronic disease label.

Diabetes is something I manage, and it certainly is a part of me. It is not all of me.

Although some may think it's minutiae, I believe the slight shift in thinking and speaking ('I am diabetic' - 'I have diabetes') is an important one. Similarly, my son is not a 'Downs baby.' My son has Down syndrome.

The point here is that none of us are the labels, illnesses, or struggles we experience. I have learned everyone has something they are dealing with, regardless of whether or not that something is easily recognizable or not.

For everyone out there dealing with diabetes, I beg you to make diabetes the least of your concerns in life by following my lead and making the switch to the insulin pump.

Although I wear the pump proudly, the simple fact remains, I am not diabetic.

Keep pumpin' friends...


Anonymous said...

Not unlike your terrific Live-abetes blog!

Keely said...

haha... I guess I forgot to type my name. I am the secretive "Anonymous"